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Projects in 2021

Ishikawa Toraji 石川寅治 (1875-1964)
Blue Parrot (ブリュウインコ)
Series: Ten types of female nudes (裸女十種)
Date: 1934
Signature: Ishikawa, with Tora seal
Publisher: Ryokūsō Gashitsu (Ishikawa Toraji)
Ashmolean Museum Oxford

Open July – December 2021

This major exhibition will explore Japan’s capital city through the varied and vibrant arts it has generated over 400 years, from its beginnings as the headquarters of the Tokugawa shoguns in the early 1600s to the sprawling modern metropolis and dynamic centre of art, photography and design it is today.

Nihon no hanga will lend prints to the Ashmolean Museum for this exhibition and our curator has contributed an essay to the catalogue on moga (modern girls) in modern Japanese prints.

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi 月岡芳年 (1839-1892)
Fujiwara Yasumasa plays the flute by moonlight
Date: 1883
Signature: Taiso Yoshitoshi sha
Publisher: Akiyama Buemon
Museum of East Asian Art Cologne


17 September 2021 – 9 January 2022

In september 2021, our complete series of ‘One hundred aspects of the moon’ by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839–1892) will be on display in the Museum of East Asian Art in Cologne. One of the highlights of the exhibition is the triptych called ‘Fujiwara Yasumasa plays the flute by moonlight’ (depicted above) which is considered to be Yoshitoshi’s ultimate masterpiece. The museum is publishing a new and updated catalogue of the series for this exhibition.

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Neko reopens

We will be closed for the time being, but you can still see some Japanese prints from our collection in Leiden. ‘NEKO. The Cat in Japanese art’ will reopen on Tuesday 2 June. The exhibition has been extended until 13 September.

Visitors are welcome to visit Japan Museum SieboldHuis with an online ticket with an entry time.

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Nihon no hanga cats in Leiden

In January the exhibition Neko. The Cat in Japanese Art opened at Japan Museum SieboldHuis in Leiden. Our curator, Maureen de Vries, is the guest curator of this exhibition. You will find about forty kitties from our collection, some familiar but many have not been display in our museum. The exhibition is on display until 5 July 2020.