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Flora in Focus: Plant Life in Japanese Prints

Last Chance! Make sure you do not miss our May exhibition “Flora in Focus: Plant Life in Japanese Prints” We are open the last two weekends of May. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday this May: 12.00 – 17.00 hrs.

This spring Nihon no hanga will highlight twentieth century Japanese prints featuring the world of flowers. In a journey through the four seasons, Flora in Focus will explore over eighty prints that examine the diversity of Japanese plant life in a variety of styles and interpretations. Well known bird and flower print (kachō hanga) artists such as Ohara Koson (1885-1945) and Itō Sōzan (1884-?) are juxtaposed with works of sōsaku hanga makers like Kawanishi Hide (1894-1965) and Maekawa Senpan (1888-1960).

Flora in Focus surveys the seasonal and cultural functions of natural life in Japan represented in modern prints, alongside the visual impact from traditional Japanese painting and botanical illustration. In addition, the ‘language of flowers’, or hanakotoba, reflects the historical appreciation of plants in Japan and offers an insight into these fresh impressions of nature. From plum blossoms (ume) to camellia (tsubaki), Flora in Focus features a diverse selection of woodblock prints from the early twentieth century to contemporary designs.


€5 | 6 designs

Don’t forget to grab a set of postcards when you visit us. We have chosen 6 designs from the exhibition: