Our library is available to scholars and students for research. This page shows a selection of our English and Japanese reference books.

Brown, Ken et. al.
Kawase Hasui: The complete woodblock prints
Amsterdam, 2003. 600 pp. Vol. 1: 3 colour, 131 b/w, Vol. 2, 613 colour ills.

Catalogue raisonne of the work of Kawase Hasui. With over 600 colour illustrations, appendices with seals, signatures and small prints, introductory essays and descriptions of all prints, the most complete overview of Hasui’s work in English.

Chance, Frank L./Matthew Mizenko
Modern impressions : Japanese prints from the Berman and Corazza collections 1950-1980
Collegeville, Pa., 2005. 95 pp. ISBN: 1889136182

Published on the occasion of an exhibition presented at the Philip and Muriel Berman Museum of Art at Ursinus College from Feb. 15 to Apr. 10, 2005.

Chiba City Art Museum
Nihon no hanga I   1900-1910 Han no gatachi hyakuso
(Japanese prints vol. I: 1900-1910, Hundred views in print form)

Chiba, 1997. 174 pp. 334 colour ills.

Nicely published catalogue of Japanese graphic arts between 1900 and 1910. Deals with sosaku- as well as shin hanga and also includes book covers, ex libris, advertisements etc. Small but good quality illustrations. Japanese text only. 

Chiba City Art Museum
Nihon no hanga II 1911-1920 Kizamareta “kojin” no kyoen
(Japanese prints vol. 2 1911-1920, A carved “private” banquet)

Chiba, 1999. 183 pp. 335 colour ills.

Second volume of this fine series on early modern graphic art in Japan. Japanese text only.

Chiba City Art Museum
Nihon no hanga III 1921-1930 Toshi to onna to hikari to kage to
(Japanese prints vol. 3 1921-1930 Cities and women and light and shadow)

Chiba, 2001. 207 pp. 328 colour ills.

Third volume of this nicely published catalogue of Japanese graphic art. Contains a significant amount of sosaku-, as well as shin hanga. Also bookcovers, advertisements etc. Small, but good quality illustrations. Japanese text only.

Chiba City Art Museum
Nihon no hanga IV 1931-1940 Munakata Shiko tojo
(Japanese prints vol. 4 1931-1940 The debut of Munakata Shiko)

Chiba, 2004. 176 pp. Numerous colour ills.

Fourth volume of this nicely published series on Japanese graphic art. Contains a significant amount of sosaku-, as well as shin hanga. With special attention to the works of Munakata Shiko. Also bookcovers, advertisements etc. Small, but good quality illustrations. Japanese text only.

Chiba City Art Museum
Nihon no hanga V 1941-1950 “Nihon no hanga” to wa nani ka
(Japanese prints vol. 5 1941-1950 What is a “Japanese print”?)

Chiba, 2008. 157 pp. Numerous colour ills.

Fifth volume of this nicely published series on Japanese graphic art. With two essays, one on Japanese prints and printing during the war and during the occupation, and one entitled “What is a Japanese print?” . Also bookcovers, advertisements etc. Small, but good quality illustrations. Japanese text only.

Committee Ito Shinsui
Ito Shinsui zenmokuhanga
(All the Woodblock Prints of Ito Shinsui)

Japan, 1992. 270 pp. 147 colour, 147 b/w ills.

Catalogue of all Shinsui’s prints. Japanese text only.

Iizawa, Tadasu & Matthi Forrer et. al.
Mori Yoshitoshi kappa-ban
Leiden, 1985. 152 pp. 199 colour, some b/w ills. 

Catalogue which accompanied the Mori Yoshitoshi Exhibition, held in Tokyo and Leiden in 1985. Extensive overview of Mori Yoshitoshi’s work. Japanese and English text.

Kagoshima Museum of Art /Hong Kong Museum
Kagoshima art
Kagoshima, 1992. 79 pp. 65 colour plates.

Kato, Junzo
Kindai nihon hanga taikei I-III 
(An outline of modern Japanese woodblock prints, Vols. I-III)

Tokyo, 1975-76. Vol.I: 290, II: 302, III: 291 pp. Vol.I: 238, II: 325. III: 281 colour ills. 42×31 cm.

Excellent and comprehensive overview of shin-hanga and sosaku-hanga printmaking. With brief English captions. 

Kochi Museum of Art
Ishikawa Toraji ten 
(Ishikawa Toraji Exhibition)

Kochi, 2002. 213pp.

Machida city Int. Print Museum
Hanga 80 nen no kiseki: Meiji shonen kara Showa 20 nen made
(Eighty years of Japanese Modern Prints)

Machida, 1996. 2 vols (201 + 215 pp). 121 colour and numerous b/w ills in 2 vols.

Entirely Japanese publication illustrating later developments in Japanese graphic arts.  Vol. 1 deals with the Meiji period, vol. 2 with the Taisho and Showa periods.  

Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts
Oda Kazuma ten. Meiji, Taisho, Showa, utsuriyuku fukei
Kazuma Oda: a retrospective 
Machida, 2000. 175 pp. Numerous colour and b/w ills. 

The best catalogue on Kazuma Oda’s lithographs. It also includes a small selection of his watercolours and book illustrations. Chronology of his life with b/w photographs. Japanese text only.

Merritt, Helen and Nanako Yamada
Guide to Modern Japanese Woodblock Prints: 1900-1975
Honolulu, 1992. 365 pp.

Indispensable reference work for collectors of modern Japanese prints. Contains facsimiles of signatures and seals and short biographical notes on a great number of artists with their names in Kanji.  

Nagano Prefectural Shinano Art Museum
Mokuhanga no kindai 
(Modern woodblock prints)

Nagano, 1999. 86 pp. 31 colour, c. 150 b/w ills. 

Recent exhibition catalogue of 20th century woodblock prints, mainly sosaku-hanga and shin-hanga. 73 artists are included among which Kobayashi Kiyochika, Ito Shinsui, Hiroshi Yoshida, Fujimaki Yoshio and Kiyoshi Saito. Includes short biographies and timetable. Japanese text only.

Okamoto, Hiromi et al.
Kindai Nihon hanga no mikata
(Looking at contemporary Japanese prints)
Tokyo bijutsu, 2004. 135 pp. Numerous colour ills. ISBN 4808707519

Guide to Japanese modern prints. Short biographies, characteristics and techniques of 42 artists from the Meiji period until present day. Japanese text only.

Ota Memorial Museum
Meiji, Taisho bijin hanga ten
(Prints of beauties from the Meiji and Taisho Era)

Tokyo, 1993. 47 pp. 34 colour, 75 b/w ills. 

Catalogue of a private collection exhibited at the Ota Museum. Includes many examples of prints of beauties from the late Meiji and Taisho periods by such artists as Gekko, Toshikata, Shoun. (Japanese text only)

Saito Kiyoshi Museum of Art
Saito Kiyoshi bijutsukan shozo sakuhinshu
(Collection of works in the Saito 
 Kiyoshi Museum)
Yanaizu, 2003. 270 pp. 699 mostly colour ills. 

Sato, Mitsunobu et al.
Hashiguchi Goyo Ten
(Hashiguchi Goyo Exhibition)

Tokyo, 1995. 263 pp. 366 colour ills.

Beautiful catalogue of the prints and drawings of Hashiguchi Goyo. 

Shoto Museum of Art
Sosaku hanga no tanjo. Kindai o kizanda sakkatachi 
(The birth of sosaku prints. Those who carved out the modern age)

Tokyo, 1999. 187 pp. 167 colour, 160 b/w ills. 

Interesting catalogue of an exhibition on the sosaku-hanga movement, illustrating a wide variety of prints, book-covers and illustrations, advertisement and leaflets by 49 different artists. Includes an essay and short biographies of the artists. In Japanese only.

Smith, Lawrence
Japanese prints during the allied occupation 1945-1952
London, 2002. 128 pp. 38 colour, 62 b/w ills.

Extremely interesting study of Japanese woodblock prints during the allied occupation. Focusses on the First Sunday Society, led by Onchi Koshiro, and his meeting with the American graphic artist Ernst Hacker, who was posted in Tokyo in 1945. 

Statler, Oliver
Modern Japanese prints. An Art Reborn
Tokyo, 1956. xxi, 209 pp. 13 colour, 87 b/w ills. 

Introduction to modern Japanese woodblock prints (Sosaku Hanga). Well illustrated. Includes one tipped-in woodblockprint.

Volk, Alicia/ Nagata Helen
Made in Japan: The Postwar Creative Print Movement
Milwaukee, 2005.  123 pp. ISBN: 029598502X

This book was published in conjunction with the exhibition “Made in Japan: The Postwar Creative Print Movement,” organized by the   Milwaukee Art Museum and shown from April 29 through August 9, 2005