Our policy

The objective of this non-profit institution is to store, conserve, archive, describe and disclose Japanese art; to financially support Eastern arts and culture; to support Dutch arts and cultural institutions; to support cultural, scientific and/or public benefit organizations; to directly or indirectly provide financial aid to persons who cannot meet their own basic needs.

The foundation is a non-profit organisation, therefore no salaries, income or whatsoever are paid to the board members.
RSIN (Legal Entities & Partnerships Identification Number)/Tax number: 8155.65.094

Outline actual policy:

1. As during previous years since the opening, organising a spring and autumn exhibition in the museum, open to the general public.

2. In 2021 Nihon no hanga will offer loans to museums and institutions in the Netherlands and abroad: Japan museum SieboldHuis in Leiden (Netherlands), Ashmolean Museum in Oxford (United Kingdom) and Museum für Ostasiatische Kunst Köln (Germany) are among the museums that have applied for loans from the collection.

3. Digitizing the collection for an online audience in collaboration with Art Research Center, Ritsumeikan University (Japan), including a digital exhibition environment.

3. Working towards an exhibition for a Japanese museum.

Our policy (beleidsplan in Dutch) of January 2020 and annual account (jaarrekening) of 2020, can be found here and here. The obligated publication standard form for fundraising institutions (standaardformulier publicatieplicht, fondsenwervende instellingen) can be found here.

Updated: 30 May 2021.